Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Vintage Satchels and Suitcases

I told you that it wouldn't be long before my next post lol! So I have a new item on my shopping wish list this week and its a vintage leather satchel, to go with my new dress. I am completely in love with the idea of having one of those old school bags, they're just sooo roomy and hard wearing, not to mention they go with almost any outfit!

Fortunately, they seem to be everywhere at the moment! UNfortunately, I have no spare money lol, so for now I can only admire from afar =(

I'm also getting terribly into vintage suitcases and vanity cases. 

Wouldn't they just look fab just dotted around the house for storage? Some people even use them for more extraordinary things, such as for a bathroom cabinet:

Suitcase Cabinet from lovenostalgicwhimsy

These kinds of innovation really inspire me! I am just so eager to have a house of my own to decorate!

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